How It Works

HealthEngine’s Value Pricing Marketplace allows for facilities and hospitals to compete by offering lower rates for your surgery and/or diagnostic procedure. If you choose a facility where Value Pricing has been offered, you will receive savings back to you in the form of a check.

Yes, you can still use your own doctor

HealthEngine not only benefits patients, but doctors as well. If your doctor is not currently a HealthEngine provider, our concierge will contact them to explain the process. If they decline, you can still choose them, however you only recieve savings when you choose participating providers.


Book Your Appointment

Our Care Concierge helps you choose the best quality care, then makes the appointment around your busy schedule. Our HealthEngine Value Pricing Marketplace will balance quality and cost savings to find the best value for you.


Receive Your Procedure

Receive your procedures or services as you normally would – whether it be with your doctor or a diagnostic test. There are over 1.2 million providers across the country on the platform today, including 300 medical and diagnostic services.


Get Money Back

Your savings is calculated based on the difference between your insurance’s agreed rate and the rate HealthEngine was able to secure for your procedure. Once your insurance pays the agreed rate (which might include your co-insurance) we will claim the difference and send your savings in the form of a check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HealthEngine work with Workers' Compensation?

Yes, even if you have Workers’ Compensation and pay nothing at all, you can still receive money with HealthEngine.

Does HealthEngine work with my current insurance?

HealthEngine works with all commercial insurance except HMO plans. We don’t work with Government-sponsored plans including Medicare/Medicaid and Tricare.

How do I save money?

You choose a value partner that offers a special HealthEngine price, you will save up to 70%. That savings – the difference between what you paid without HealthEngine and what you paid with us – will come to you in the form of a refund check.

Do I have to switch my doctor?

No, we can contact your doctor to explain HealthEngine to them and how they actually can make more money by going through HealthEngine.

It’s 100% free to become a HealthEngine member

No credit card required